Faces of Laradon: Tiffany Kaneta’s Story

In honor of Women’s History Month, Laradon is thrilled to be recognizing, celebrating and honoring some of the incredible women who make up our team. Don’t miss Tiffany’s empowering story below! 

Meet Tiffany, Laradon’s Adult Day Program Manager and Interim Residential Director! For almost eight years, Tiffany has been a shining pillar of the Laradon community. And, 2023 marks Tiffany’s thirtieth year of working with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. Afterall, she is a natural in this field!

“When I came to Laradon, it felt more like a home. It didn’t feel like an agency just to serve people with disabilities, it felt like a family. I feel like I’ve continued to gain family and friends. It’s something I’ve never had at any other organization,” Tiffany shares.

Tiffany is proud of how she’s been able to grow the Adult Day Program at Laradon. Since working in her position, she has doubled the number of participants that the program serves. Tiffany is also currently serving as the Interim Residential Director, which she says is a huge accomplishment in her career.

“I’ve often been told that I’m ‘too nice’,” she says. “I just live my life that way. I put myself in other people’s shoes and try to see things from their perspective.” 

Tiffany’s empathic spirit is part of what makes her so perfect for her role. The work isn’t always easy and sometimes serving the IDD community can be challenging, but Tiffany’s commitment to compassion and understanding is what makes her a great fit. 

“I’ll never change who I am,” she says with confidence.

Laradon’s Adult Day Program participants absolutely adore Tiffany’s easy-going demeanor and the jokes that she loves to tell. It’s a party every time she visits the program. 

“The welcome that I get, it’s the best feeling! I can always guarantee that the individuals will laugh with me,” Tiffany says with a giggle.

And, it’s not just the participants who think the world of Tiffany. It’s her Laradon teammates too! 

“Tiffany is a smart, amazing, compassionate, and an overall wonderful woman. Her knowledge in the IDD field is outstanding and has been a huge support to myself and I appreciate her so much!” Sandy Duran, Laradon’s Program Manager, shares. 

Tiffany has become an amazing leader and role model for other women like her. 

“We’ve come such a long way. I think we’ve had to prove ourselves a lot. People have paved the way for us and we need to continue to pave the way for people that are younger than us,” Tiffany explains.  

Tiffany says that she has worked in the IDD field since graduating high school because she was inspired by her mom, who also worked in the field. 

“It’s three generations now. My mom, me, and now my daughter is in this field,” she describes. 

Tiffany encourages other women, in the IDD field and beyond, to use their talents and strengths to push forward and do good work. 

“Keep striving to be the best. This field, in particular, can be very challenging, but women are very strong. We’re strong in many different ways,” she says, “Women can do anything. We can do it all.”


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