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About Our Work Teams

Laradon Work Teams are crews of 5-6 hardworking and dependable individuals who work for local business sites in the Denver Metro community. Individuals are paid at least minimum wage and come ready to work with a Laradon Employment Specialist at no additional cost to the local business.

Work Teams provide competent, willing, and dependable workers whose talents and skills ensure successful and timely job completion. Laradon provides supervision, training, and quality assurance at each work site. Laradon Employment Specialists provide focused instruction and facilitated group discussions during transition times teach skills and habits that lead to successful employment situations.

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Our Employment Program works with more than 44 different businesses throughout Denver to employ our participants.


Our employment specialists are always onsite with the team to assist with training, quality assurance, and supervision.


Our participants are hard working, motivated, reliable, and ready to work!


We've done this before! Assembly, janitorial, sorting, warehouse, retail, customer service, food service, laundry and more!


Not sure where to start? Our staff can conduct a free needs analysis to explore where our team would be most helpful to you.

Employment Opportunities

Denver Metro Area Businesses That Have Hired Laradon Work Teams