Healing The Doldrums of Discontent Alleviating Loneliness Through Volunteerism

Hello, Laradon community!

I think many of us after having lived through THREE YEARS of a global pandemic feel lonely or disconnected. 

I am what I call a social introvert. I absolutely LOVE meeting people. Having quick meaningful discussions on the street or in a shop give me a boost. I also love having two extremely close “dearest friend of my heart” type friendships, rather than 100 acquaintances.

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Even though I love people, I am very content being alone. My introvert side means I can be alone with my thoughts or a book and feel fulfilled.

After THREE YEARS of a global pandemic, I do find myself feeling disconnected at times. I want those meaningful connections and interactions I found with strangers on the street or in a shop! Humans by nature are social creatures, as were our ancestors. We need those interactions, large or small, even if we identify as introverts. If you are an extrovert, boy, this time in history has been a doozy for you!

I have found in my life that volunteering helps me feel connected if something hard was happening in my life. Volunteering takes you outside of yourself, helps you to feel gratitude, and simply warms the heart cockles to connect with others. I have volunteered with Meals on Wheels, various Denver art galleries, and served Thanksgiving meals with Daddy Bruce (remember him, Denverites?). I loved every volunteer experience I have had.

I read this article today I would like to share with you all. You can read it here!

Consider volunteering with an organization of your choosing to help heal those doldrums of discontent. Encourage your friends to volunteer with Laradon or another Colorado organization! 

Warm regards,

Karla Zelvis
Volunteer & Special Events Manager at Laradon



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