Faces of Laradon: Ray & Selfie’s Story

Walking into Ray’s home- you can’t help but notice two brown hiking boots that are parked next to the “Hello” welcome mat. They are the type of boots that have a sense of curiosity tied into the soles, and an understanding of adventure with every mud mark and scratch. The two laces lay perfectly tied on top in a way that indicates they are ready for their next voyage.

These boots are just like their owner Ray. 

Which is why it’s not surprising when you walk through the doors of Ray’s home the first question he asks is,

  “Where are we going today?”

The Space Needle in Seattle to Universal Studios in California, Ray in all his suspender glory always seems to be on the go.

“I am thinking of visiting Steamboat Springs next,” Ray shares.

Selfie, Ray’s Host Home Provider, chimes in, “He loves to go out. Even if we just go to the park. We’ve been places, right, Ray?”

“Right!” Ray finishes the train of thought.

Ray and Selfie, although from vastly different backgrounds and upbringings, are intertwined through their curiosity of the world and all it has to offer. This is why they make the perfect pair for Laradon’s Host Home Provider program.

“I am happy here,” Ray interjects.

Selfie has been a Host Home Provider with Laradon for 3 years— and supports two other individuals along with Ray.

 Taking care of others comes naturally to Selfie in the same way adventure comes to Ray.

Before becoming a Host Home Provider, Selfie dedicated her time to caring for older adults with dementia at a group home.

Her compassion for others is ingrained in her personality due in part to her family and upbringing— stemming from a lineage of caregivers, including her father and sister who are both nurses. But, above all else, it is Selfie’s connection to her Indonesian heritage that greatly influences her friendship with Ray.

“Ray is my family. Just like that— it’s not a thing where I’m just taking care of him. I come from Indonesia. We all live in the same house— my grandma, my mom, and my sister. Even if we are already married, we are still living with our parents. We take care of each other. My children love Ray and call him Kakak, which means “older brother” in Indonesian,” Selfie shares.

Selfie’s approach to being a Host Home Provider has come alongside Ray’s zest for life and adventure.

“Why do you like being out so much?” Selfie asks Ray.

“Learning,” Ray answers.

“Just like your own kids. You want them to be happy. You want to make them happy. If they want to go out? Then why not,” Selfie says.

From front porch hiking boots to the ends of the world, Selfie and Ray are tackling one adventure at a time. As far as where they go next— Steamboat Springs is on the list, along with a trip back to Indonesia to Selfie’s hometown this summer.  

“Mhmm- I like to see the world,”
Ray says as he looks out the window picturing his next adventure with Selfie.

Laradon’s Adult Host Home program provides individualized living situations to people who can benefit from living in the private home of a family or individual. Individuals enjoy living in a family setting, engaging in community activities and sharing household responsibilities. Host Home Providers create a caring support system and assist the individual with personal care, meals, finances, medical appointments and community connections.



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