A Recipe Of Love and Kindness: How One Local Caterer Is Serving Up Food With A Purpose

It all begins in southern roots and a passion for cooking food for the soul.

“I have always loved cooking,” Aresia Williams, owner of EveryThing Stuffed by Qas’Mere Catering (ESQC), said. “I remember being 7-years-old making eggs and grilled cheese sandwiches. I was the older cousin and sister, so I was always the one that was cooking.”


Born in Huntsville, Texas, Williams moved to Colorado when she was 13-years-old.

From supporting her mom’s home health care business to building a successful franchise commercial cleaning business along the way, it wouldn’t be until 2016 when Williams passion for cooking would finally come to fruition.

“Everyone would always say how much they loved my cooking! 2016 is when I really wanted to finally get into catering and started with a company called ‘Cater 2 U’. But, I was in such high demand it was hard to keep up with orders,” Williams recalls.  

Despite this initial bump in the road, Williams persevered and eventually opened up ESQC. It wasn’t long after that she got a call from Laradon at the beginning of 2023 asking her to help cater food for kids and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities at the Calabrese Youth Center (CYC).

And, it didn’t take long for the kids at the CYC to fall in love with the flavorful and nourishing meals.

“The youth look forward to her home cooked meals every day. The variety of meals she provides, quality of ingredients, and her passion for feeding our youth delicious meals, bring joy to the youth and staff,” Anna Siller, Director of the CYC, says.

Today Aresia cooks all of the meals and snacks for the CYC. From baked chicken to street tacos, she has brought many smiles and happy bellies to the CYC.

“I just love how everyone loves the food! What brings me joy when I cook is when other people say the food I make is good! To have someone else outside of my family feel that way is a great feeling,” Williams exclaims.

Interested in learning more about Williams? Take a look at her website here!



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