Carolen’s Story

Carolen Quinn’s relationship with Laradon began 21 years ago when her late husband, Dave Quinn, became Joseph Calabrese’s financial manager. Joseph Calabrese founded Laradon 70 years ago, but always welcomed help and guidance when running the organization. In 1977, dialing from a “cold call” list, Dave ended up talking to Joe Calabrese and offered him financial services. With $200,000, Joe entrusted Dave with investing his money to help grow his organization to serve more people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

As Dave and Joe grew a professional and friendly relationship while handling the organization’s financials, Carolen had the pleasure of meeting Joe’s wife, Elizabeth Calabrese. Carolen spent many afternoons at Joe and Elizabeth’s home where they would talk and catch up before going out to lunch. “Her home was immaculate,” said Carolen. Elizabeth had a reputation for keeping things neat and tidy. On one of these occasions, Carolen and Elizabeth went shopping on their lunch outing, and Carolen bought a pin that would forever remind her of her time with the Calabrese family.

Dave’s conservative financial approach grew Joe’s money to $2 million before Joe was diagnosed with cancer and passed away in the early 1980’s. Both Dave and Carolen were proud of their contribution to helping the Calabrese make their dream a reality. Today, Carolen has continued to stay up to date with Laradon and all of the exciting changes that are coming to its historical campus.

“What makes me happy is how true to the original mission Laradon still is today,” Carolen said.



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