Isaiah’s Story

For 70 years, Laradon has been providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to live to their fullest potential. Our early intervention programs begin working with infants and children as soon as a developmental delay is identified, which can be the key to success later in life.

The Laradon Family, Infant, and Toddler (FIT) Program provides family-centered therapeutic support for children, aged birth to three, to encourage healthy physical and cognitive development and nurture a safe and loving environment at home.

When Isaiah was born with a developmental delay, his parents wondered what they could do to support his development and growth, so they reached out to Laradon. For nearly two years now Isaiah’s parents, Gina and Alejandro, have opened the doors of their home to Laradon therapist, Sharla Marshall. Sharla visits frequently to help model communication tactics, play strategies, and ways to encourage skill development.

“Sharla is like my coach. She has provided me with the tools and resources to help my son. I can see the growth; Isaiah has come a long way!” Gina, Isaiah’s mom.

In addition, Gina and Alejandro bring Isaiah to Play-and-Learn Group sessions coordinated by Laradon’s Family Navigator. These sessions provide a time for families and their children to interact with typically-developed children from the neighborhood, encouraging integration and varied skill development.

At first, Isaiah was shy and didn’t enjoy engaging with others. Now, he is at the ready with hugs for Sharla! He thoroughly enjoys playing with others, reading books, stacking blocks, and other developmentally appropriate play.

Gina and Alejandro say that Laradon’s support has given them perspective. They are more comfortable with Isaiah out in the community and they are confident that he will be well-prepared for preschool — and beyond.



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